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Hello ladies and germs!


Hey everyone. Welcome to my new blog Eeples and Baneenees!

This is going to be a place I can write about whatever I feel like and quite often, there might be some knitting material! (I know, I’m naughty!)

A little about me – Im 25 and I live in Southern California with my wonderful husband, two kitties and a hermaphrodite pug (maybe if you’re lucky I’ll post pics of her penisgina). 

I work at a vet hospital and going to school for pre-vet. But I’m not as boring as I sound, i hope.

Mostly I love to knit. Sometimes I dream about knitting an art project of a whole house with a garden and everything. Made of yarn.  Ok maybe I am as boring as I sound. Moving on.

Ill be posting about my travels and whatnot. Ok, Im going to go help our dog cause she is barfing now.

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