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The Baby Who Shall Not be Named


I have not been as active on this blog as I would like to be. Really at all.
These last several months have been absolutely crazy! I am currently 100 months pregnant! Technically due July 6th but I expect to pop any day now. We are keeping his name a secret for the most part until he arrives, mainly so people who don’t like it can’t say crap about it. Had a couple quarters of school (Holla, got all A’s!) , workin full time at the vet clinic. I am exhausted!

But now, I’m out of work and school and just sitting at home cooking a baby and making crafts. It is quite a nice break!

I ended up finding some cross stitching stuff buried way down in a craft box and have been going crazy on it. Not regular like “Home Sweet Home” stitching but more like “You Nasty” stitching. It’s fun. :)

Anyway, now that I am an actual housewife/housemommy I will be having alot more content here. I’ll keep you all updated about the baby who shall not be named!

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