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Never Fear!


I have returned to you!

Lots of new stuff has happened since I last graced this lowly blog with my presence. My husband and I are looking for a new house, which is alot harder than I anticipated. I never thought I would have a strong dislike for real estate investors. They are snagging up all the houses we like before we get a chance! We even tried to get one that the old residents left POOP in and they got it first! Stupid poop loving investors. So in the meantime we are living in his mom’s house. Its way bigger than our apartment and we don’t pay $1000 a month for it, so its all good!

Also one of my friends Melissa is having a baby human growing inside of her. Weird. But, anyway, I started making a baby blanket for her called Tiramisu on the Ravelry site. It is such a gorgeous blanket (when other people made it). I just hope her baby is triangular because it keeps getting narrower. I should be done soon and I will post pictures.

Tomorrow I am going to Vegas with my husband and his band Only For the Night. They are playing at the Double Down on Friday! I’m pretty excited.

I don’t like making a post without pictures so I will give you one picture per subject. Enjoy.
Poop lover.
Baby Juice
Las Vegas Viva Baby!

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The good kind of poop.


When i was at Urban Outfitters today and was trying to decide between the grey dress or the red dress i was standing in my socks at the 3 way mirror thing and this girl in a big ugly knitted rasta hat said “you should pick the grey one.”

I was like “oh. um, ok thanks” and then she said “Most people look like poop in grey, but you pull it off”.

At the time I was like ‘cool! alright!’ and i bought the grey dress but now Im wondering if she meant I can pull off the “poop” look.

I typed in “good poop” into google and got this. I think Ill make these.

A good poop

A good poop

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