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Don't look at me that way.


Hi. I am taking a break from housework. I was up late last night working on a project about the sequencing of the human genome. It was sooo freakin exciting I just had to take a break and sleep off the eagerness of learning more.
I turned it in in class today. Which by the way – my teacher teaches by powerpoint only. So that means, a 7:30am class in the DARK while someone drones on about genetics.
I always try to fight it but i end up with my eyes closed and my head angled down toward my notebook so I kind of look like I’m concentrating.
Today I did that but woke up suddenly and looked back at the powerpoint and noticed the teacher looking at me while talking with a funny look on her face. I realized that my eyes were kind of crossed. I was THAT tired.
Todays lesson -Don’t look at biology teachers with crossed, half asleeep eyes while they are teaching about Down Syndrome.

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