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I hate the Pope.


So he just visitied Africa and reaffirmed a ban on condoms. Africa. A place that is ravaged by HIV and AIDS. Not to mention RAPE. People in Africa have a belief that only sex with a virgin will cure AIDS, so what happens? Men with AIDS rape young virgins and give them HIV.

The Pope is no better than Hilter. He is condemning millions of people to death. It is on his head that a mother of 3 children dies of AIDS. It is on his head that a 13 year old girl was brutally gang raped and is now infected with a disease that will leave her dead and her family struggling to survive.

It makes me sick that people like this are still walking this Earth and are involved in religion.

I guess this is hitting so close to home because I sponsor a 9 year old girl in Lesotho, South Africa. Her mother died of AIDS and she works a farm with her father. We have exchanged letters and I only want her to overcome her hardships and become a strong, young, succesful, and HAPPY woman. Im so sad that, in the name of GOD, this beautiful young girl is put in harms way.

WWJD? Jesus would NOT let millions of people suffer and die in his name, because of something that could be prevented.

Shame on the Pope.


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