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How to Make Chair Pad Covers!


This is going to be my first in a series of little how-tos!

We’ve had these ugly white chair pads for our dining room table for years. We almost bought some covers at World Market for like 20$ each, but decided it was too expensive and I’d just try to make them myself, but couldn’t find the perfect fabric.

A few weeks later, my wonderful grandmother passed away.  I went with my mom to help go through her things at her house and was helping with the linen closet.  I found this amazing fabric in there that my mom said I could have.  What a better way to honor my grandma than to sew something she would love out of some fabric in her closet?

So I set to making some new chair cushion covers! Here is a step by step process. It’s not super detailed but please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about any of the steps.

Here is the fabric

The fabric

I love this fabric

Ok, so first, lay your fabric out, folded in half with right sides facing each other (back of fabric on the outside).  Lay the old cushion on top of the fabric – I laid all 4 out, to make sure I had enough to make all 4 cushions.

I don't have a cutting table.

Lay all four out, to make sure you have enough.

Make sure to fold the fabric in half, so you cut both sides at once!  Cut approximately TWO inches around the cushions to give room for the seam. Once you have all four pieces, you’re ready to sew! Keep the fabric RIGHT SIDES together for sewing.

Wrong sides together!

Get that machine out!

Ok, now we’re ready to sew.  I never use exact measurements or patterns but if you like to, be sure to measure and even edge all the way around the cushion, and pin together. I went in about 1.5″ on all sides. Start sewing, and as you reach the edges, curve the stitch to match the rounded curves of the cushions. If your cushions are straight edged, keep the stitch straight. Keep one side open, to stuff the cushion in and attach straps. On to the straps!

Cut the straps.

Two strips about 12 inches long for each chair.

Ok, I know the cut isn’t straight but I sewed it straight so it’s ok.  So, cut two strips for each cushion about 12 inches long each.  Again, place right sides together, so its like a skinny tube.  Sticth all the way down the open edge and now you have an inside out tube.  Take tweezers and pull the tube right side out, so its got a nice smooth seam and the colorful fabric is now on the outside.  Fold these in half and iron the fold.  Insert your old cushion into the open edge of the cover and pin the straps to each outside edge, with the folded half inside. This makes it look like there are 4 separate straps for each cushion, two on each side to tie to the chair. Sew a straight, clean seam along the open edge, locking in the cushion and straps.

All done!

All done!

Tie your beautiful creation to your chair and bask in your creative glory! If you want to make the dimples in each cushion, just take a needle and matching thread and stitch the fabric tight through the cushion. Easy!

Now finish your other cushions and post your finished product here! I want to see what you made! Heres our dining room table, with all four cushions.  I love you grandma and thanks for the creativity and skills you instilled in me since I was a little girl!


Grandma would be proud!

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