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Whats a girl gotta do??


To get some birth control around here?
I just got home from driving all around and getting sad for America.
I got a prescription for a pill brand that come to find out is really really expensive and not covered by my crappy insurance. If I can’t afford to poop out a baby, I can’t afford $60 a month to prevent it.
So I go to my school health center hoping they can help me out and they don’t take walk in’s and cant see me for a long time. (Which isn’t going to work – Im married and need my BC now.)
So THEN i got to Planned Parenthood thinking THEY are the ones to see for cheap contraceptives and I am proven wrong. The office call for them was like $160. Which I dont have. Otherwise I would have just bought the damn pills.
So finally I got to my GYN’s office and they give me some free samples to hold me over.
Now Im home and going to have to just save up cash for the next two months to afford the pills.
I just don’t see how Birth Control was the “Great Women’s Liberator” when most of us don’t have the money to get them.
No Liberation for me. :(

Im going to go eat some cinnamon toast crunch.  These guys fight for Women’s Rights.

Fighting for Women's Rights

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