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Just got home a bit ago from building the Renaissance Faire. Yes. I AM that nerdy. I’ve been doing the faire for like over 10 years and it still holds a tender little spot in my heart. Yeah, its in the corner with the cobwebs and some shackles with skeletons – but its still there.
I am very happy to see Sid and AnnaLisa. We always have so much drunken super nerd fun. Mostly we just make fun of people and sell handmade soap in the meantime. Nomenclature Bath’s website is down right now but Ill let you know when its up. Super awesome soaps, cremes, and bath stuffs.
But I always want to do a flying donkey-punch to the people who are in full costume and in full character when we are just BUILDING the damn thing. STOP SAYING “AYE M’LADY” IF I ASK IF I CAN BORROW YOUR MAKITA!
And I always look forward to seeing these kinds of people. Or dread it. Im not quite sure what that feeling is….

Dream boat

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