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Super Fun Date Happy Time!


Yaaaay. My husbands coming home and then we’re going to one of our favorite restaurants called Bright Star. Its Vegan Thai food and so freakin delicious I want to punch the cook in the face.

THEN we are going to see Watchmen! Im excited.  I worked all day today and now I am tired and need some kick-punching superhero action!

OH and…..drumroll please…..I got accepted into the college I wanted! I know, I know “But arent you kind of old to have just got accepted?”

The answer is “Nooooo. No ones too old to go to college.”  And I started school when I was 18 with a major in art. It was really fun, but a degree in “Oh, thats pretty” is worth crap.  And I have always loved animals so once I started working at the vet I decided I’m going to be a vet. So I got accepted into Cal Poly in Zoology and Animal Science.


Heres a picture of the Beans just for fun.

Little Baby Beans

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