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The Baby Who Shall Not be Named


I have not been as active on this blog as I would like to be. Really at all.
These last several months have been absolutely crazy! I am currently 100 months pregnant! Technically due July 6th but I expect to pop any day now. We are keeping his name a secret for the most part until he arrives, mainly so people who don’t like it can’t say crap about it. Had a couple quarters of school (Holla, got all A’s!) , workin full time at the vet clinic. I am exhausted!

But now, I’m out of work and school and just sitting at home cooking a baby and making crafts. It is quite a nice break!

I ended up finding some cross stitching stuff buried way down in a craft box and have been going crazy on it. Not regular like “Home Sweet Home” stitching but more like “You Nasty” stitching. It’s fun. :)

Anyway, now that I am an actual housewife/housemommy I will be having alot more content here. I’ll keep you all updated about the baby who shall not be named!

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Never Fear!


I have returned to you!

Lots of new stuff has happened since I last graced this lowly blog with my presence. My husband and I are looking for a new house, which is alot harder than I anticipated. I never thought I would have a strong dislike for real estate investors. They are snagging up all the houses we like before we get a chance! We even tried to get one that the old residents left POOP in and they got it first! Stupid poop loving investors. So in the meantime we are living in his mom’s house. Its way bigger than our apartment and we don’t pay $1000 a month for it, so its all good!

Also one of my friends Melissa is having a baby human growing inside of her. Weird. But, anyway, I started making a baby blanket for her called Tiramisu on the Ravelry site. It is such a gorgeous blanket (when other people made it). I just hope her baby is triangular because it keeps getting narrower. I should be done soon and I will post pictures.

Tomorrow I am going to Vegas with my husband and his band Only For the Night. They are playing at the Double Down on Friday! I’m pretty excited.

I don’t like making a post without pictures so I will give you one picture per subject. Enjoy.
Poop lover.
Baby Juice
Las Vegas Viva Baby!

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Smitten Kitten


So for the last 4 days I’ve been having to wake up every 2 hours. No, not to pee.

For this little guy! Introducing BARLEY! He came to my work in a Budweiser box (hence the name). He was only a couple days old when we got him, his umbilical cord was still attached!
So even though getting up every 2 hours sucks hard, this kitten makes it a little more fun.

I’ll be taking pics of him all the time and posting his updates. We won’t be keeping him, and will be adopting him to a good home when hes 8 weeks old.
That sunflower thing is a heating bag filled with corns. It makes a perfect warm mama zone for him at night.
Baby Kitty!

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