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The Baby Who Shall Not be Named


I have not been as active on this blog as I would like to be. Really at all.
These last several months have been absolutely crazy! I am currently 100 months pregnant! Technically due July 6th but I expect to pop any day now. We are keeping his name a secret for the most part until he arrives, mainly so people who don’t like it can’t say crap about it. Had a couple quarters of school (Holla, got all A’s!) , workin full time at the vet clinic. I am exhausted!

But now, I’m out of work and school and just sitting at home cooking a baby and making crafts. It is quite a nice break!

I ended up finding some cross stitching stuff buried way down in a craft box and have been going crazy on it. Not regular like “Home Sweet Home” stitching but more like “You Nasty” stitching. It’s fun. :)

Anyway, now that I am an actual housewife/housemommy I will be having alot more content here. I’ll keep you all updated about the baby who shall not be named!

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Kitty Bones Jones!


So here is a new ACEO I made. I just listed it on Ebay for sale for ONE DOLLAR. So just bid on it to make me feel good.
We’re trying to save up for a house down payment one dollar at a time….hey. Whatever it takes.

Oh and search AmbersArk on ebay.

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Disneyland. The sexiest place on earth.


So here is my husband, my sister-in-law and myself on Space Mountain. We’re the back three.

Does it get any sexier??

I hope the two girls in front bought the picture as a keepsake and forever have our faces etched into their memories.

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Smitten Kitten


So for the last 4 days I’ve been having to wake up every 2 hours. No, not to pee.

For this little guy! Introducing BARLEY! He came to my work in a Budweiser box (hence the name). He was only a couple days old when we got him, his umbilical cord was still attached!
So even though getting up every 2 hours sucks hard, this kitten makes it a little more fun.

I’ll be taking pics of him all the time and posting his updates. We won’t be keeping him, and will be adopting him to a good home when hes 8 weeks old.
That sunflower thing is a heating bag filled with corns. It makes a perfect warm mama zone for him at night.
Baby Kitty!

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I hate the Pope.


So he just visitied Africa and reaffirmed a ban on condoms. Africa. A place that is ravaged by HIV and AIDS. Not to mention RAPE. People in Africa have a belief that only sex with a virgin will cure AIDS, so what happens? Men with AIDS rape young virgins and give them HIV.

The Pope is no better than Hilter. He is condemning millions of people to death. It is on his head that a mother of 3 children dies of AIDS. It is on his head that a 13 year old girl was brutally gang raped and is now infected with a disease that will leave her dead and her family struggling to survive.

It makes me sick that people like this are still walking this Earth and are involved in religion.

I guess this is hitting so close to home because I sponsor a 9 year old girl in Lesotho, South Africa. Her mother died of AIDS and she works a farm with her father. We have exchanged letters and I only want her to overcome her hardships and become a strong, young, succesful, and HAPPY woman. Im so sad that, in the name of GOD, this beautiful young girl is put in harms way.

WWJD? Jesus would NOT let millions of people suffer and die in his name, because of something that could be prevented.

Shame on the Pope.


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Jenny Lewis!!


I just found out Jenny Lewis is going to be playing at the Pomona Glass House about 15 minutes from my house in ONE MONTH! I just peed my pants a little.

Hello Crappy!


So for my works last Christmas party we had to draw names and give our co worker a small gift.

Well, the only problem with that is a don’t got no money, honey. So I knew she was Asian and loved Hello Kitty so I made her this.

Luckily I totally tricked her into forgetting I didn’t spend any money on it and she liked it.


I made this Amigurumi carrot awhile ago and really liked it.

Happy Carrot
Happy Carrot
 But then I left it out and the evil Pug of Doom got ahold of it. Here is the “After” on the carrot.
Dead Carrot!
Dead Carrot!


Tips N Tricks!


Heres some friendly tips, tricks, n hints from your friendly neighbordhood vet tech!

 When you go to the vet because your dog is sick, please don’t expect them to offer treatment for 5 bucks. And don’t get mad when we offer what your dog really does need to be healthy. We are concerned about your dog. Not your wallet.

If your dogs eye fell out, his leg fell off, or he stopped breathing – don’t call us to ask if we think he should be seen. More than likely, his eye is supposed to stay in his head, and you should leave it to the professionals to put it back in.

Eye popping out liability.

Eye popping out Liability

Oh and yes, your shih-tzu is a dick.

Free crap


I just spent hours screwing around on this internet signing up for free samples. I hope my mailman gets just a LITTLE freaked out stuffing our mailbox with tampons and granola bars.

Rainy Day


So this morning I got up around 6:30 and showered and did my makeup and everything. Then about 10 minutes before I was going to leave for school i realized its technically a holiday. schools closed. Its good but also bad, I needed to go to the library for the Devil’s Craft (Algebra) homework. Oh well.

So I went and got a haircut and shopped at Urban Outfitters. Education Schmeducation!

Oh! And I got new glasses. Part of me wanted some of these sweet babys but for some reason the glasses store didn’t have any of these?