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Never Fear!


I have returned to you!

Lots of new stuff has happened since I last graced this lowly blog with my presence. My husband and I are looking for a new house, which is alot harder than I anticipated. I never thought I would have a strong dislike for real estate investors. They are snagging up all the houses we like before we get a chance! We even tried to get one that the old residents left POOP in and they got it first! Stupid poop loving investors. So in the meantime we are living in his mom’s house. Its way bigger than our apartment and we don’t pay $1000 a month for it, so its all good!

Also one of my friends Melissa is having a baby human growing inside of her. Weird. But, anyway, I started making a baby blanket for her called Tiramisu on the Ravelry site. It is such a gorgeous blanket (when other people made it). I just hope her baby is triangular because it keeps getting narrower. I should be done soon and I will post pictures.

Tomorrow I am going to Vegas with my husband and his band Only For the Night. They are playing at the Double Down on Friday! I’m pretty excited.

I don’t like making a post without pictures so I will give you one picture per subject. Enjoy.
Poop lover.
Baby Juice
Las Vegas Viva Baby!

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Don't look at me that way.


Hi. I am taking a break from housework. I was up late last night working on a project about the sequencing of the human genome. It was sooo freakin exciting I just had to take a break and sleep off the eagerness of learning more.
I turned it in in class today. Which by the way – my teacher teaches by powerpoint only. So that means, a 7:30am class in the DARK while someone drones on about genetics.
I always try to fight it but i end up with my eyes closed and my head angled down toward my notebook so I kind of look like I’m concentrating.
Today I did that but woke up suddenly and looked back at the powerpoint and noticed the teacher looking at me while talking with a funny look on her face. I realized that my eyes were kind of crossed. I was THAT tired.
Todays lesson -Don’t look at biology teachers with crossed, half asleeep eyes while they are teaching about Down Syndrome.

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Just got home a bit ago from building the Renaissance Faire. Yes. I AM that nerdy. I’ve been doing the faire for like over 10 years and it still holds a tender little spot in my heart. Yeah, its in the corner with the cobwebs and some shackles with skeletons – but its still there.
I am very happy to see Sid and AnnaLisa. We always have so much drunken super nerd fun. Mostly we just make fun of people and sell handmade soap in the meantime. Nomenclature Bath’s website is down right now but Ill let you know when its up. Super awesome soaps, cremes, and bath stuffs.
But I always want to do a flying donkey-punch to the people who are in full costume and in full character when we are just BUILDING the damn thing. STOP SAYING “AYE M’LADY” IF I ASK IF I CAN BORROW YOUR MAKITA!
And I always look forward to seeing these kinds of people. Or dread it. Im not quite sure what that feeling is….

Dream boat

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Super Fun Date Happy Time!


Yaaaay. My husbands coming home and then we’re going to one of our favorite restaurants called Bright Star. Its Vegan Thai food and so freakin delicious I want to punch the cook in the face.

THEN we are going to see Watchmen! Im excited.  I worked all day today and now I am tired and need some kick-punching superhero action!

OH and…..drumroll please…..I got accepted into the college I wanted! I know, I know “But arent you kind of old to have just got accepted?”

The answer is “Nooooo. No ones too old to go to college.”  And I started school when I was 18 with a major in art. It was really fun, but a degree in “Oh, thats pretty” is worth crap.  And I have always loved animals so once I started working at the vet I decided I’m going to be a vet. So I got accepted into Cal Poly in Zoology and Animal Science.


Heres a picture of the Beans just for fun.

Little Baby Beans

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Whats a girl gotta do??


To get some birth control around here?
I just got home from driving all around and getting sad for America.
I got a prescription for a pill brand that come to find out is really really expensive and not covered by my crappy insurance. If I can’t afford to poop out a baby, I can’t afford $60 a month to prevent it.
So I go to my school health center hoping they can help me out and they don’t take walk in’s and cant see me for a long time. (Which isn’t going to work – Im married and need my BC now.)
So THEN i got to Planned Parenthood thinking THEY are the ones to see for cheap contraceptives and I am proven wrong. The office call for them was like $160. Which I dont have. Otherwise I would have just bought the damn pills.
So finally I got to my GYN’s office and they give me some free samples to hold me over.
Now Im home and going to have to just save up cash for the next two months to afford the pills.
I just don’t see how Birth Control was the “Great Women’s Liberator” when most of us don’t have the money to get them.
No Liberation for me. :(

Im going to go eat some cinnamon toast crunch.  These guys fight for Women’s Rights.

Fighting for Women's Rights

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Cancelled my gym


Its just too expensive and I don’t drag my ass there often enough for it.

They made me mad though. As many times as I said “nah, I just wanna cancel” they would say things like “what if we made it only $25.99 a month?” and “What if we throw in a free baby and some organic sweat pants?”
I admit. I was tempted. But no.

Heres what Im going to be like now. My hopes is that it will frighten off predators.

Me in a week

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Fart Bars and Poo Strings


Hey there. Just wanted to stop in.
I went to work today but it was a no-Dr. day so I got to read all day. And I brought Bella just for fun. I bathed her in the big sink that you do necropsies over (like autopsies but for dogs) which is gross but she needed it. This morning she pooped in the grass but she had eaten some of my hair so when it came out the other end, her poops were attached to her like a string. Needless to say she ended up with poo-tail. So I get home and realized that I left her collar right on the counter. Now Im busted.

Oh and I side note – Alan and I changed the official name of Fiber-One granola bars to Fart Bars. Seriously. Its probably just some big joke in the Fiber One factory. They put in some farty ingredient and its 0% fiber.

I didnt mean for my whole blog to be so poop-based. Sorry about that.

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The good kind of poop.


When i was at Urban Outfitters today and was trying to decide between the grey dress or the red dress i was standing in my socks at the 3 way mirror thing and this girl in a big ugly knitted rasta hat said “you should pick the grey one.”

I was like “oh. um, ok thanks” and then she said “Most people look like poop in grey, but you pull it off”.

At the time I was like ‘cool! alright!’ and i bought the grey dress but now Im wondering if she meant I can pull off the “poop” look.

I typed in “good poop” into google and got this. I think Ill make these.

A good poop

A good poop

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