Tips N Tricks!

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Heres some friendly tips, tricks, n hints from your friendly neighbordhood vet tech!

¬†When you go to the vet because your dog is sick, please don’t expect them to offer treatment for 5 bucks. And don’t get mad when we offer what your dog really does need to be healthy. We are concerned about your dog. Not your wallet.

If your dogs eye fell out, his leg fell off, or he stopped breathing – don’t call us to ask if we think he should be seen. More than likely, his eye is supposed to stay in his head, and you should leave it to the professionals to put it back in.

Eye popping out liability.

Eye popping out Liability

Oh and yes, your shih-tzu is a dick.

One Response to “Tips N Tricks!”

  1. sephrenia

    People actually ask whether or not they should bring the pet in with injuries like that?

    You have some seriously wierd people in your area if you do. Even I know body parts are usually supposed to be either, A) Attatched, B) inside their bodies or preferably C) Both.

    How can people not know that? Seriously.