Hello Crappy!

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So for my works last Christmas party we had to draw names and give our co worker a small gift.

Well, the only problem with that is a don’t got no money, honey. So I knew she was Asian and loved Hello Kitty so I made her this.

Luckily I totally tricked her into forgetting I didn’t spend any money on it and she liked it.


I made this Amigurumi carrot awhile ago and really liked it.

Happy Carrot
Happy Carrot
 But then I left it out and the evil Pug of Doom got ahold of it. Here is the “After” on the carrot.
Dead Carrot!
Dead Carrot!


One Response to “Hello Crappy!”

  1. sephrenia

    That looks like one sorry carrot now! I feel sorry for the carrot but you got to admit the look on Pugs face is awesome, it’s like he’s saying:

    ‘Whaaaat?! I didn’t do anythin’, that’s nothin to do with me at all, I found it like that’