Fart Bars and Poo Strings

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Hey there. Just wanted to stop in.
I went to work today but it was a no-Dr. day so I got to read all day. And I brought Bella just for fun. I bathed her in the big sink that you do necropsies over (like autopsies but for dogs) which is gross but she needed it. This morning she pooped in the grass but she had eaten some of my hair so when it came out the other end, her poops were attached to her like a string. Needless to say she ended up with poo-tail. So I get home and realized that I left her collar right on the counter. Now Im busted.

Oh and I side note – Alan and I changed the official name of Fiber-One granola bars to Fart Bars. Seriously. Its probably just some big joke in the Fiber One factory. They put in some farty ingredient and its 0% fiber.

I didnt mean for my whole blog to be so poop-based. Sorry about that.

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