Dog barf explained….

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So I just wanted to explain why my dog was barfing.

We have a little 15 pound pug named Bella (previously mentioned with the penisgina) who has a taste for Orbitz gum. The other day we found her eating some and I talked to the Dr at my work about it. Apparently the main ingredient in sugar free gum is xylitol which is totally toxic to dogs.

If you can catch it within 30 mins you can make them barf

by forcing hydrogen peroxide down them. So I did that and now its just a big peppermint fresh barf every 5 minutes or so.

Shes going to go to work with me for monitoring but Ill update on how she is. Now that the gum is out she is probably fine. :)

Gum Insertion Cavity

Gum Insertion Cavity

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